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The Top 3 Poker Scams


Why Poker Scams Ultimately Don’t Work

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A cold deck is a prearranged deck of cards that has been rigged to generate action in a specific player’s favour.

The Classic Cold Deck

Collusion involves two or more players working together to gain an advantage over an opponent.


Cheat 1 bets 100 (bluff)Cheat 2 folds Hero calls with a top/second pair. 

Hand  1

Cheat 1 bets100 (bluff) Cheat 2 raises (knowing Cheat 1 will fold and Hero  will need a stronger hand to continue)Hero folds strong middle or weak top pair

Hand 2

It’s one thing to know what cards your fellow cheat has, it’s another to know exactly what everyone else in the game is holding.

Marked Cards and Superusers

With the right technology, someone could theoretically use the info in real-time to become a live superuser.

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