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7 Ways of Using Poker 

Odds of Hitting a Hand

Poker players make estimates about how often a particular hand is likely to hit, Tis calculation is based on the number of potential “outs” left in the deck.

Pot Odds and Break-Even Points

Both “pot odds” and “break-even points” can also be calculated on the fly using probability.

Using Poker Statistics for DB Analysis

Online poker players typically track their played hands using poker tracking software.

Using Poker Stats for Villain Analysis

If we can analyse our own data, we can absolutely analyse our opponent’s data.

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Using Poker Statistics for Population Analysis

The term “population analysis” describes the technique of analysing average statistics for the entire population of a certain poker-room.

Poker Statistics in GTO Play

GTO stands for “game theory optimal”, and it’s the term used to describe a perfect, theoretically correct, game of poker.

General Poker Stats

General statistics on poker demographics, as a whole, help us to generate realistic expectations playing online poker.

Poker Statistics and You

The above list is not exhaustive. There are plenty of other ways that the mathematical branch of statistics can be directly applied to the world of poker.

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