Play Like, or Against a Poker Maniac by Building an Image

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One of the great things about poker is the many different ways to play the game.

While a TAG player may only play the top 10 percent of hands preflop, a maniac plays a much wider range.

Separating the

TAG from the Maniac

Whether intentional or not, you will build an image at the poker table.

Building Your Table Image

It’s to be seated to their direct left, and against a maniac being in position is a double-edged sword you can wield to poker success.

Best Position

Against a Poker Maniac

Position is power in poker.

Assuming a maniac does defend, and you find yourself playing postflop with him or her, you’d better have a game plan

Against Poker Maniacs

How to Play

Now there are instances where you might want to get a poker maniac to fold.

How to Get a Maniac to Fold

Poker maniacs can be both fun and frustrating, and there’s no denying they bring a different dynamic to any game.

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