Head-Turning, Expensive Poker Chip Sets that Might Break the Bank!

888poker checks out the top seven most expensive poker chip sets on the market.

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Swarovski and Alligator Luxury Poker Set


British retailer Geoffrey Parker Sells the specialised product, They have been creating handmade gaming options since 1961.


Stahl Meteorite Poker Set


The set not only features gem-encrusted poker chips but actual pieces of an 800,000-year-old meteorite in Sweden.


Cartier Poker Set


Nothing quite says class like Cartier. The French watch and jewellery maker has been crafting luxury items since 1847.


Buckingham Poker Set


This poker set from UK luxury designer Lancelot Lancaster White (LLW) is impressive – and expensive.


Buckingham Poker Set


The box is made of sycamore wood and mother-of-pearl marquetry, and finding one isn’t easy.


Scully and Scully Poker Set


Based in New York, Scully and Scully has been selling high-quality, handcrafted wooden home furnishings since 1934.


Crystal Poker Chips


The set also comes with some European-style plaques, making this set even more impressive.


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