Get ready for a royally BIG WIN!

Congrats, you’ve got a $10,000 Royal Crown Freeroll ticket!

Congrats, you’ve joined our Seize the Crown promotion!


our daily $10,000 Royal Crown Freeroll – you could win a nice
slice of cash!


a hand with a royal pocket pair in the freeroll & get a scratchcard
‘Royal pocket pair’ refers to JJ, QQ and KK


and win up to $500,000 – every scratch wins CASH!
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Prize %
$1 Cash 85.9779%
$3 Cash 12%
$10 Cash 2.00%
$100 Cash 0.02%
$1,000 Cash 0.002%
$500,000 Cash 0.0001%
Win up to 2 scratchcards every day.

How to get more $10,000 Royal Crown Freeroll tickets:

Bag an extra ticket every day! Simply win a hand with a royal pocket pair in your favourite cash games or tournaments.

Cash games: min stakes of 2¢ - 5¢; Tournaments & BLAST: min buy-in of $1

* Royal cards refer to jacks, queens and kings * Challenges are available to depositors only who have played in a $10,000 Royal Crown Freeroll at least once
* Days are counted between 00:00 - 23:59 GMT

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