Start your journey to the ultimate treasure!

All hands on deck!

Complete our fun and easy daily Challenges to move along our
Treasure Quest map and bag yourself some seriously BIG prizes!

Get your hands on up to $50 every day!

PLUS complete the entire map for your chance
to win a whopping $100,000!


1. Log in to 888poker every day to check out your Daily Pirate’s Challenge.

2. Complete your Daily Challenge and you’ll receive a randomly selected prize.
We’ve got tickets to our daily $6,000 Pirates Prizes Tournament and Cash bonuses
of up to $50 up for grabs!
View Odds [+]

Prize Odds
1x $6,000 Pirates Prizes Tournament ticket 80%
2x $6,000 Pirates Prizes Tournament tickets 13%
$1 5.9%
$5 1%
$50 0.1%

3. Complete 5 challenges running across or down the map, and you’ll win a randomly selected
cash bonus of up to $5,000! Remember – you MUST click on the treasure chest
icon to claim your booty!
View Odds [+]

Prize Odds
$5 82%
$10 14.99%
$50 2.9%
$500 0.1%
$5,000 0.01%

4. Complete the whole map and you’ll get to claim the ultimate treasure – a randomly selected
cash bonus of up to $100,000!
View Odds [+]

Prize Odds
$20 87.489%
$100 12%
$1,000 0.5%
$10,000 0.01%
$100,000 0.001%

$9,000 in Daily Treasure Quest Tournaments!

In addition to the cash prizes, we’ve got $9,000
in free tournaments EVERY DAY:

Daily $6,000 Pirates Prizes Tournament
Win tickets through daily challenges.

2 x daily $1,500 Treasure Quest Tournament
No tickets needed!

Time to pillage those prizes, buccaneers!

Tournament Details

$1,500 Treasure Quest Tournament
When: Every day at 11:04 and 17:04 GMT until 25/02/2017.

$6,000 Pirate’s Prize Tournament
When: Every day at 21:08 GMT until 25/02/2017.

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