888poker has upgraded its new software, and I got a chance to experience the new 888poker tables first.

Let’s see what changes have taken place and how those new 888poker tables look!

Enhanced Graphics

The graphics behind the latest upgrade to the 888poker software are pin sharp. With dozens of new table designs, graphics and sounds, the whole player experience has been enhanced. The PKO God of the Arena tournament I took part in for just $7.50 happened on a sandy ‘arena-style’ table design, complete with Roman short-sword and shield scattered around the virtual seats.

Upon being busted from the tournament, a scything noise and blood-red cross marked the exit of a player in the seat next to me. As if to immediately balance that brutality, a player from opposite the table threw a cake at the player in question’s empty seat. It really is the perfect blend of a fun and friendly atmosphere with cutting-edge design and functionality.

Cleaner Design

Cleaner design Poker 8 tables

The 888poker chequerboard table design has never looked better, but it doesn’t end there. Other variants have different configurations, with the sandy baize of God of the Arena tournaments and SNAP Poker’s go-faster vertical stripes livening up the display of every table.

The best community and hole cards are illuminated with an easy-to-understand glow at the close of each hand so that every player can see what the winning hand was... and who held it!

The light, colour and design elements of the tables are better than ever before. Not only do you feel like you’re under the lights of a final table, but everything looks crisper. It was like I’d turned the lights on in a dark room compared to other poker sites I’ve played on. From the neon cool of SNAP! Poker to the new Pick’Em 8 game, each poker variant has a different style that really makes it stand out. You know which game you’re playing just from the visual appearance of the table.

The cascade or tile display of tables when you’re playing more than one game is straightforward to manipulate, and each table comes to the foreground of your screen when the action is on you.

Improved Functionality

Sleeker game experience Poker 8

One of the newest innovations from 888poker is the central part of the game screen. This offers you the standard fold, check or bet options, which are sat just beneath your screen-name and running chip total.

There are, however, many ways to bet or raise, with handy bet slider configurations are expected to add even more detail to a much-improved product. This feature feels tailored, not only to new players but players of all levels who enjoy a game that flows well and is custom-built with players in mind.

It’s easier than ever to control your rebuy strategy, with an easy blue button along the bottom right of the screen helping you manage your re-entries. You can even deposit the funds you need by clicking on the golden stack of chips next to the rebuy button, making sure that you don’t have to do it during the rebuy period itself.

The hand histories tab (it looks like a refresh icon to the top right of your table user display) allows you to replay previous hands during gameplay. It is sleeker than ever, with up-to-date hands to review, displayed in full form. You can slow down or speed up the replays and go into your recent hand histories in detail, picking apart your own gameplay or spotting trends in other players. I found this function really useful during multi-tabling.

I could go into a hand I needed to analyse at the right moment to adjust my play and playing multiple screens at the same time, this is invaluable when it works well. There was no lag or slow-down in replays or live game action, which is very rare.

Sleeker MTT Experience

Sleeker MTT experience Poker8

All in all, I found the new 888poker experience to be one that will bring me back for more. With the percentage display helping me follow the action as hands played out, I progressed through tournaments viewing a much cleaner-feel game display than any other poker product out there.

I enjoyed playing across a variety of different events, such as God of the Arena PKO, SNAP, BLAST and new game Pick’Em Poker, but 888poker isn’t just the King of tournaments. Cash games couldn’t be easier to play, with something for all levels of player.

It’s totally up to you to sit down in whatever game interests you most.

A New Poker Experience for 888poker Players

Poker 8 new avatars

I loved the 888poker experience that already existed, from online qualifiers to tournaments with buy-ins from a dollar up to the High Roller specials on Sunday such as The Whale. But the new poker experience on 888 which is available now for desktop players.

The tournament variants 888poker have available are the biggest selection ever, and there is also a multitude of cash games to get stuck into. From traditional No-Limit Hold’em to Pot Limit Omaha and many other variants, there’s something for everyone, with SNAP! Poker adding a whole new meaning to the term ‘fast action’.

One of the formats I’ve been looking forward to playing the most is the God of the Arena PKO (Progressive Knockout) tournaments, and it’s easy to blend tournaments and cash games during an 888poker session.

I’ll be back at the newly-designed 888poker tables very soon - maybe I’ll see you there! 

Paul Seaton has written and presented poker coverage extensively for the past eight years, including at the WSOP.