The first-ever WPTDeepStacks London Online series on 888poker is entering the home stretch. Just a few more days remain in the weeklong series (April 18-26), which by the end will have awarded more than $2,000,000 in guarantees across 16 events.

Through the 10 events, a combined 4,519 entrants have competed, $880,680 in prize money awarded. Thus far winners have hailed from Latvia, Sweden, Malta, Belarus, Ukraine, Canada, Romania, and the United Kingdom.

Two 888Poker Ambassadors Cash Event #7: Crazy 8

On Wednesday, the $440 buy-in WPTDS Event #7: $100,000 Crazy 8 attracted 165 players who rebought 54 times. The $100K prize pool was reserved for the top 24 finishers.

Among those to make the money were the following players:

  • 888poker Ambassador Chris “888Moorman” Moorman (23rd - $1,250)
  • Maksim “MAMOHT_T” Viktorovich (18th - $1,250)
  • 888poker Ambassador Sofia “sofialovgren” Lövgren (9th - $2,250)
  • 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event champ Martin “MJacobson888” Jacobson (7th - $3,500)
  • ayemax08” (4th - $8,500)

After “RED_WINE” bowed out in third place for $12,000, the title came down to “kiskutya23” and Canada’s “crimson92”.

Seven hours of play later, the latter prevailed to win the title and $19,811.42 first-place prize.

Event #7 Final Table Results

1st – “crimson92” (Canada) … $19,811.42

2nd – “kiskutya23” (N/A) … $17,438.58

3rd – “RED_WINE” (UK) … $12,000

4th – “ayemax08” (UK) … $8,500

5th – “plush0292” (Russia) … $5,500

6th – “Odens_CD” (Russia) … $4,500

7th – Martin “MJacobson888” Jacobson (Sweden) … $3,500

8th – “alexos888” (Canada) … $2,750

9th – Sofia “sofialovgren” Lövgren (Sweden) … $2,250

In other Crazy 8 news, the $88 buy-in WPTDS Event #8: $30,000 Mini Crazy 8 saw 344 players rebuy 107 times. The 451-entry field generated a $36,080 prize pool. Coming out on top was Romania’s “Kharmuta”, who reaped a $6,945.56 payday.

“DeuceofDuc0” Last Player Standing in the Marathon

: “DeuceofDuc0” Last Player Standing in the Marathon

On Thursday, the $525 buy-in WPTDS Event #9: $100,000 Marathon saw 134 players rebuy 46 times to create a 180-entry field. The $100K prize pool was reserved for the top 24 finishers.

One player to fall just shy was “IlovePickles”, They bubbled in 25th place after getting their short stack all-in preflop. Their king-queen hand failed against two players, one of who made two pair jacks and deuces.

From there, the in-the-money finishes mounted and included the following players:

  • 888poker Ambassador Chris “888Moorman” Moorman (23rd - $1,420)
  • 2014 WSOP champ Martin “MJacboson888” Jacobson (18th - $1,440)
  • Eye_Sea_Emm” (13th - $1,490)
  • “AlmostWinnin” (10th - $1,550)

The final table was both live streamed by 888poker and live reported by PokerNews, Five players remained when chips went all-in on a Q♥5♥6♣6♥ board between Maksim “MAMOHT_T” Viktorovich and “DeuceofDuc0”.

The former had the A♥3♠, which was well behind the Q♣10♣ of “DeuceofDuc0” . The river was a brick and Viktorovich, who has had several deep runs in the WPTDeepStacks series, busted in fifth place for $6,040.

Brazil’s Felipe “mr.salgado” Salgado then lost with ace-seven to the Big Slick of “JPiernik”. He would go on to square off against “DeuceofDuc0” in heads-up play after “RuskiBotski” bowed out in third place.

“DeuceofDuc0” had a 2:1 chip lead entering heads-up play. It didn’t take long for the final hand to go down in Level 36 (30,000/60,000/7,500).

It happened when “JPiernik” moved all-in with the A♠2♦. “DeuceofDuc0” called after waking up with the J♣J♠.

The board ran out a clean K♦7♦10♣3♠Q♠ and that was all she wrote for “JPiernik”. He took home $16,650 for finishing in second place.

WPTDeepStacks Event #9 Final Table Results

Event #9 Final Table Results

1st – “DeuceofDuc0” (Netherlands) … $23,250

2nd – “JPiernik” (United Kingdom) … $16,650

3rd – “RuskiBotski” (United Kingdom) … $12,000

4th – Felipe “mr.salgado” Salgado (Brazil) … $8,590

5th – Maksim “MAMOHT_T” Viktorovich (Russia) … $6,040

6th – “Brownerrrrr” (United Kingdom) … $4,350

7th – “casual_win” (United Kingdom) … $3,160

8th – “wklix” (N/A) … $2,310

9th – “TheMufinMan” (New Zealand) … $1,690

Also taking place on Thursday was the $160 buy-in WPTDS Event #10: $50,000 Half Marathon. It surpassed its guarantee by drawing 306 players who rebought 89 times.

The 395-entry field resulted in a $59,250 prize pool. After 9 hours and 14 minutes of play, it was the UK’s “TripleBluff1” emerging victorious to the tune of $11,429.48.

What’s Coming Up

Remember, the series will culminate this weekend with the $1,050 buy-in, $1,000,000 GTD Main Event. On Sunday, April 25 at 18:30 GMT the WPT DS #16 - $1,000,000 Main Event Day 1 will take place. Day 2 will start at 18:00 GMT on Monday, April 26.

Also coming up is the following tournaments:

  • $320 buy-in WPTDS Event #13: $100,000 6-Max on Saturday, April 24 at 18:00 GMT

Click here for more details and to see the schedule.

Watch the Live Stream

WPTDeeepStacks 888pokerTV Twitch Live Stream

Whether you’ll be playing any or all of these events, you can’t miss out on the live streaming.

888poker will be putting on a show on our major social media channels.

We still have one more exciting tournament lined up for your viewing pleasure -

  • Mon 26.4 WPT DeepStacks #15 - Main Event Day 2

The final tournament will be live streamed on our 888pokerTV Twitch Channel –

Click here for more information on the WPT DeepStacks London Online!

Winner Thus Far




Prize Pool



$525 Event #1: $200,000

Opening Event



"i2out" (Latvia)


$55 Event #2: $50K

Mini Opening Event



"Syampnacke" (Sweden)


$320 Event #3: $100,000




Farrugia_1 (Malta)


$55 Event #4: $30,000

Mini PKO



“Two.DV” (Belarus)


$2,100 Event #5: $100,000

High Roller



"PerfectShade" (N/A)


$215 Event #6: $75,000

Mini High Roller



"Kotyara1089" (Ukraine)


$440 Event #7: $100,000

Crazy 8



"crimson92" (Canada)


$88 Event #8: $30,000

Mini Crazy 8



“Kharmuta” (Romania)


$525 Event #9: $100,000




"DeuceofDuc0" (N/A)


$160 Event #10: $50K

Half Marathon



"TripleBluff1" (UK)


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