All poker players make mistakes—it’s an integral part of poker. The biggest winners often eliminate the most mistakes from their games.

Mistakes don’t disappear automatically, however. There is no magical poker cheat sheet for correcting them.

It takes deliberate effort to fix the poker mistakes costing us win rate.

Here are seven 888poker tips for fixing as many poker mistakes as possible.

#1 Fix Poker Mistakes by Marking Hand Histories

Ever feel like you misplayed a hand of poker? This feeling is normal. The most important is what happens next. Many players move on without giving the hand further thought.

However, the best thing to do is to mark the hand for review after completing the session.

By systematically reviewing every difficult poker hand, we’ll be able to eradicate the maximum number of mistakes from our poker game.

How to Fix Poker Mistakes in Your Game - Reviewing Hand Histories
How to Fix Poker Mistakes in Your Game - Reviewing Hand Histories

#2 Fix Poker Mistakes through Stats Analysis

A poker tracker is a piece of software that allows us to track our results at the poker tables.

A poker tracker can also analyse which poker situations are costing us money.

By isolating the most costly parts of our decision-making process, we can fix poker mistakes in areas that impact our bottom line the most.

#3 Fix Poker Mistakes through Poker Study Groups

A poker study group is a group of friends or acquaintances who work together to improve at the game.

Most poker players make mistakes they are not even aware of. Other players can help us locate and fix errors we didn’t realise existed.

Want to make it to a WPT Poker Tour final table? A group of players who work at the game together will often be stronger than a one who tries to fix all their mistakes alone.

How to Fix Poker Mistakes in Your Game -  Study Groups
How to Fix Poker Mistakes in Your Game -  Study Groups

#4 Fix Poker Mistakes with the Help of a Poker Coach

Poker coaches are experts at spotting and fixing mistakes in poker strategy, including poker combos.

Of course, expert tuition and guidance typically come with a price tag.

However, experienced coaches can help players fix mistakes much faster than they ordinarily would have by themselves.

#5 Fix Poker Mistakes with a Poker Training Site

Poker training sites generally offer guidance in the form of video content, usually for a subscription fee.

However, not everything online needs to cost money.

Why not check out the extensive range of free strategy articles available here at 888poker?

Consuming strategy content allows us to analyse poker from different angles and locate poker mistakes we may not have seen otherwise.

#6 Fix Poker Mistakes by Working with a GTO Solver

In the modern poker era, many players work with GTO solvers to improve their understanding of poker board theory.

There is a learning curve here, and poker solvers may not always be the best option for beginners.

 In the right hands, a poker solver can be an invaluable tool for detecting and fixing poker mistakes.

#7 Fix Poker Mistakes by Reading Poker Strategy Books

Poker strategy books can be a valuable source of learning despite being overlooked by many players.

Books are also a great way to learn on the go when other tools, such as solvers and trackers, are unavailable.

How to Fix Poker Mistakes in Your Game - Poker Strategy Books
How to Fix Poker Mistakes in Your Game - Poker Strategy Books

Poker books often explore specific topics in greater depth and might contain information not found in poker training videos or written articles. 

How to Fix Your Poker Mistakes

If there is one crucial takeaway, it’s the importance of being proactive about finding and fixing poker mistakes.

Many mistakes won’t automatically disappear from our game if we put in lots of volume.

Why not make it your objective to try all seven tips listed above?

You might be surprised by how many mistakes you can find and fix!

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