Explanation of C-game

Example of C-game used in a sentence -> I feel that I am playing my C-game too much lately, so I am coming up with a plan to improve and hopefully play my A-game more consistently.

How to Use C-game as Part of Your Poker Strategy

Serious professionals invest large amounts of time in improving their mental disposition at the tables (referred to as mental game). C-game is sometimes also referred to as a tilt.  For some, tilt might describe a game considerably worse than C-game. The truth is that any letter can be used to describe our game (B-game, D-game) etc; these are relative terms that can carry different meanings depending on who is talking. A-game and C-game are the terms in most common usage however.

Although C-game can refer to strategic errors made during a session, the implication is usually that those strategic errors were caused by a bad mindset, not a general misunderstanding of correct strategy. I.e we knew what the best play was, but because we were playing our C-game, we failed to execute correctly.

See Also 

Mental game, Tilt, A-game

For advice on working on mental game, see mental-game.

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