Explanation of Run it twice

Imagine a scenario where two players are all-in on the flop for a large amount of money. If they both agree to “run it twice” then two turns and two rivers will be dealt.  Each runout is worth exactly one half of the pot. If each player wins one runout, the overall pot will hence be split. 

Note that any remaining cards in a hand of poker will be dealt once by default. Running it twice will only occur if all all-in parties reach a consensus that this should happen. If one player wants to run it twice but his opponent does not, then the pot will be run once.

Players even have the option of running a pot more than twice, so long as they are in agreement. If they opt to run the pot three times it means that three separate turn and rivers will be dealt, each worth one third of the pot.

Example of Run it Twice being used in a sentence -> When running it twice each run is worth exactly half of the pot.

How to Use Run it twice as Part of Your Poker Strategy

Should We Run it Twice?

There is some confusion regarding the best strategic approach to running it twice. There are some myths out there that running it twice, thrice, or once, may be best depending on the type of hands that we have. The truth is that it makes no difference in terms of expectation.  The long run result will be the same whether we run it once or five times.

This is not to say that running the pot multiple times is meaningless. As a general guide, the more times we run a pot, the more we reduce variance. Multiple runs hence allow our results to comform more closely to our expected value in the short term. Since one of the harder aspects of playing poker professionally is dealing with variance, a decent number of players will elect to run it twice (or more) when given the option. 

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