Explanation of Spread Limit

Spread Limit is a type of betting structure where players may use any bet or raise sizing within a designated range. For example, a $1-$5 spread game would allow players to pick any bet or raise sizing between $1 and $5.

Minimum re-raise rules apply. If a player were to bet $4 on the flop in a $1-$5 spread game, any subsequent raises must be at least $4. However, on the next street, bets may return to $1. 

Spread limit is hence often considered a middle ground between No-Limit and Fixed-Limit games. Players still retain some choice in which sizing they select. But they can’t overbet all-in for their entire stack at any given moment. 

Spread Limit games are somewhat rare. The majority of casinos have replaced any spread limit games with no-limit games. This situation is simply due to the increased popularity of no-limit games. 

Example of Spread Limit used in a sentence -> It was a $3-$10 spread limit game. So, the maximum we were allowed to bet on the river was $10. 

Spread Limit Poker Strategy

Spread limit strategies share similarities with no-limit strategies. The underlying goal is to inflate the size of the pot with strong holdings. With mid-strength hands, you should try to get to showdown as cheaply as possible. Spread limit players must use all the possible bet sizing options as efficiently as possible. 

The concepts of implied oddsand reverse implied odds are of less importance in a spread limit game. When extracting value, it’s hard to get a big payout because we can only bet so large. When facing aggression, we can effectively cap the amount of chips our opponent can invest by just calling. We are, hence, less concerned about the effects of reverse implied odds relative to a no-limit game. 

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