Explanation of TAG

It’s common to use various abbreviations to describe different types of opponent at the table. Here is a non-exhaustive list.

TAG – Tight Aggressive
LAG – Loose Aggressive
Nit – Exceptionally tight player
Maniac – Loose and crazy
LP – Loose Passive
TP – Tight Passive

Example of TAG used in a sentence -> At our table there were 2 TAGs, one recreational player and a nit.

How to Use TAG as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

TAG players are selective with their starting hands (they look to play a strong range only) and then proceed by playing this range aggressively on the later streets. Although a good TAG will make well timed bluffs, they simply end up having a strong hand more frequently than a LAG.

There isn’t a great counter-strategy for a dealing with a good TAG, which is why TAG style is sometimes referred to as the “king of all styles”. This is not to say that the vast majority of TAGs don’t have big weaknesses, but these will need to be considered on an individual level for each opponent.

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