Explanation of Nit

It’s common to use various abbreviations to describe different types of opponent at the table. Here is a non-exhaustive list.

TAG – Tight Aggressive
LAG – Loose Aggressive
Nit – Exceptionally tight player
Maniac – Loose and crazy
LP – Loose Passive
TP – Tight Passive

Example of Nit used in a sentence -> At our table there were two fish, one regular and one nit.

How to Use Nit as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

Nits are not generally good poker players. They play an overly tight range of starting hands often due to having psychological issues with risk-averseness. 

When a nit is playing aggressively postflop it means that he nearly always has the nuts (or close to it). There are hence two key exploits for dealing with nits:

1. Look to pick up plenty of small pots when the nit shows disinterest. (This might involve stealing a lot preflop in Hold’em for example).

2. Get out of the way when the nit shows interest in a pot and takes aggressive lines. Bluffcatching is nearly always a bad idea since nits don’t bluff. 

See Also 

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