The term ‘any two cards’ is a Hold’em expression meaning that the value of our hole cards does not matter in a certain spot. It’s often applied to situations where trashy hole cards can be bluffed profitably even if they have no potential to improve to a decent hand.

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What Does It Mean to Bluff With Any Two Cards in Poker?

Bluffing with any two cards means that we can bluff regardless of the hole cards we hold. Since we usually would not want to turn mid-strength hands into a bluff the term Any Two generally refers to trash hands in this instance.

What Does It Mean if Our Opponent’s Range is Any Two Cards?

When we say that our opponent can hold any two cards it means that we have not narrowed his range down at this stage of the hand. For example, before our opponent takes any action preflop his range is any two cards since he can hold any of the possible two card preflop combinations. The term can also be used to indicate a very wide range of hands even if we have managed to exclude some combinations of holdings from our opponents range.

What Does Any Four Cards Mean in Poker?

The term any four cards is an Omaha term that is equivalent to the Hold’em expression any two cards. The expression has been adjusted simply because Omaha players are dealt four cards preflop instead of two. The term any four cards implies either that we have no idea regarding which preflop holding a player has or that the preflop holding is not important.

When Should We Continue With Any Two Cards in Poker?

We should continue with any two cards in poker if our opponent is folding too much to bets. This allows us to bluff profitably even if our hand has zero potential to improve. For example, a half pot bet will be directly profitable if our opponent is folding more than 33% of the time.

Final Thoughts

Any two cards in poker implies that a player might hold any of the possible two card preflop combinations that are dealt in Hold’em. In many situations the term specifically refers to the weakest holdings in a player’s range. For example the expression ‘we should fire any two cards in this spot’ may not necessarily apply to mid-strength hands but mostly trash hands. Why not check out this guide on how to bluff in poker?

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