Explanation of Any Two

Any Twois an expression used by Hold’em players to indicate that the value of their hole-cards is not significant, i.e. any two hole-cards. The expression any four is sometimes used in four-card games such as Omaha. But the phrase any two is more common.  

Example of Any Two used in a sentence -> Villain folds enough that we can profitably bet any two in this situation.

Any Two Poker Strategy

The term any two is typically used in connection with bluffing. In particular scenarios, our opponent will be folding so often that we can profitably bluff with any two cards even if we give up when called. This situation differsfrom spots where we can only bluff cards that carry a minimum amount of pot-equity (known as semi-bluffing). So perhaps we might be able to profitably semi-bluff a flush-draw in a given scenario but not successfully bluff any two cards

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