Explanation of Underdog

It seems that the term “underdog” possibly originated from the practice of dog fighting in the 19th century. The winning dog usually ended up on top while the losing dog ended up underneath.

Example of Underdog used in a sentence -> With such a low chip count, he is definitely an underdog going into the final table.

How to Use Underdog as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

Getting the money in as an underdog does not always imply that we have made some sort of strategic error. For example, we are usually quite happy to get all of the money in preflop with KK despite the fact that we will sometimes be a huge underdog when our opponent shows up with the Aces. 

In other scenarios we’ll be happy to make calls as the underdog because we are getting the right price. For example, we might expect to only win 30% of the time when calling in a river scenario, but this will still be profitable if our opponent is making a half pot bet (we only need to win 25% of the time in such a case).

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