What people bluff about the most in real life
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What people bluff about the most in real life

- 81% of people believe that it is ok to tell a white lie now and again
Avoid the need for too much corroboration:
The more people needed to back up your tale, the more likely a hole will open up in it.

- 84% of women believe that it is ok to tell a white lie now and again, compared to 77% of men
Be a good hustler:
Massive success is reserved for confident people who take action swiftly and decisively.

- 32% of respondents admit to lying on their CV, or in a job interview, to appear better suited for the role
Be dynamic:
The ability to fib in the moment based on instinct is what can separate the good, from the great bluffers.

- Over 50% of people say the main reason they pretend to call in sick is because they simply don't feel like going to work
Be earnest:
Appear earnest, but not too eager, when looking the other person in the eye. Don't look around, but don't stare either.

- "Other reasons included:
"I was getting married and my place of work wouldn't give me the time off"
"I hate my boss"
"I wanted to go fishing"

Consider being found out:
Only you can answer the question of how likely it is you'll be found out and the worthiness of lying about the matter.

- 42% of women have admitted to telling a white lie about their diet
Get your events straight:
Once you've made the decision you're going to lie, you'll need to come up with your plausible alternative to the facts.

- 55% of women have admitted to telling a white lie about the price of something they've purchased, compared to 33.3% of men
Keep your voice tone steady and don't protest too much. Act like you don't care whether or not the person believes you.

- Nearly 1/4 of respondents admit to regularly telling the white lie 'I like your outfit' to a friend
Just relax:
Relax. Don't fidget, pick at your clothing, or shuffle your feet.

- The most common white lies that people tell their friends are 'I'm on my way' & 'I like your outfit'
Make a truthful admission:
If you sense that someone else suspects you of lying, admit or make them suspect you of something small or untrue.

- 22% of men admit to using the white lie 'I only had one drink' to their partner
Observe character & responses:
Understand the likely response of the person you're lying to. If you're calling in sick for example, observe your boss's response to sick days.

- 36% of respondents justify telling white lies to their partner because the want avoid hurting their feelings
Remember the lie:
You cannot forget about your lie, its details and you will have to go on treating it like it actually happened.

- Nearly 1/4 of people justify lying to their partners because it means that they keep everyone happy
Tell the lie first:
Bring the lie up first before you're questioned about the matter.

- Even when caught out lying, 20% of respondents would still stick to their story
Use your normal vocab
Don't use big words unless you usually do. Anything unusual about your language or tone will suggest something shifty is up.

- 31% of people would do the right thing (or the only thing) and own up when they've been caught out lying
Think about the details:
Add in extra details that help to embellish the event and make it appear more real in the retelling.