Lee Davy

Lee Davy

Lee Davy fell in love with poker after a Stag Week in Las Vegas. The journey to become a professional poker player emerged from that riotous week, and that, by chance, led to a career as a poker writer. Lee has been writing about poker since 2009, in which time he has provided articles for a broad variety of media news outlets and online poker rooms.

He has also worked as a live reporter at the World Poker Tour (WPT), European Poker Tour (EPT), and World Series of Poker (WSOP). Lee's niche is finding the angles that others miss, and extracting the very essence of what it means to be a great poker player.

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5 Ideas for Poker Memorabilia Gifts

In my former life, I worked in the rail industry, and one year I was holed up in a derelict office where I led a small project team. One of the members was named Andy, and he made a nice side living selling railway memorabilia (or crap as I preferred to call it) on eBay.

I had an old Trainload Coal tie pin, and he wanted to buy it off me. It had been given to me when I joined as a sweet 16-year old. Other than holding my tie in place it had about as much use to me as rescinded currency.

"You can have it," I said.

“I would have paid you £10,” he replied.

October 27,2019