Explanation of Cutoff

Cutoff – the cutoff position is to the direct right of the button. It’s considered a reasonable position at the table but nowhere near as profitable as the button. On the first betting round the button and both blinds act after the cutoff. On all subsequent betting rounds the cutoff only has the button still to act afterwards. Of course, if the button were to fold on the first betting round then the cutoff would be guaranteed to be ‘in position’ on all subsequent betting rounds.

See the glossary entry under position for a full breakdown of the different positions at the table.

Example of Cutoff used in a sentence -> (Hold’em) We were dealt Aces in the cutoff and 3bet preflop against an early position open.

How to Use Cutoff as Part of Your Poker Strategy

The cutoff is considered one of the three “steal” positions at the table (button, small blind and cutoff). 

The cutoff can’t typically get completely out of line with steal attempts due to the presence of the button, but an overly tight opponent on the button can incentivize a very wide stealing strategy from the cutoff.

For 100bb cash games, players in the cutoff will typically be opening around 27% of hands by default but may push this as wide as 35% or more when there is an overly tight opponent on the button. 

See Also

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