Explanation of Equity Calculator

All equity calculators have the same basic level functionality. They calculate the pot-equity of a certain hand or range against another hand or range. See the glossary entry on equity for a description of equity in poker. Equity calculators are not limited to two ranges – they can typically calculate the equity of up to 10 ranges against each other (since this is how many players sit at many full-ring poker tables).

Since their inception, many equity calculators have developed to the point where they offer a range of additional advanced features such as the following -

1. Storing preflop ranges for later use.
2. Analysis of how hard ranges hit various flops, turns and rivers.
3. Graphed equity distributions of two ranges.
4. Equity training modes.
5. Playability editors (for adjusting equity realisation)

This is just a sample of the advanced features typically offered by commercially available equity calculators; the list is by no means exhaustive.

Most equity calculators are designed especially for Hold’em. There are equity calculators for other variants of poker, but they typically lack the advanced features that the Hold’em equity calculators have.

Example of Equity Calculator used in a sentence -> I’m not sure if we have the correct pot odds here so let’s fire up our equity calculator and find out.

How to Use Equity Calculator as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

Most serious professionals will have at least one equity calculator that they use to store preflop ranges and run analysis/equity-calculations on the hands that they play. They are commercially available with a quick google search.

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