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How does the Flop Work in Poker?

Three cards are dealt face up in the centre of the table. These are ‘community cards’ which can be used by all players to construct a 5 card hand. After the cards are dealt, a round of betting takes place before moving on to the next street (known as the ‘turn’ in community card games).

Why is it Called the Flop in Poker?

The popular consensus is that the flop gets its name from the sound of the three flop cards being placed on the poker table. Of course, it’s impossible to know this for certain and the origins of the name might be entirely different. 

How do you Play the Flop in Poker?

One of the most important factors in flop play is looking at the flop ‘texture’. Depending on whether the cards are co-ordinated (drawy texture) or disconnected (dry texture) different strategies will make sense. Good players think about what types of hands their opponents may have entered the pot with preflop and how these hands ‘connect’ with the three cards on the flop. 

Can you Raise Before the Flop in Poker?

Yes, you can raise before the flop in poker. This is because the flop is actually the second betting round in poker. The first betting round is known as ‘preflop’. Players are able to bet or raise on the preflop betting round before the flop cards are even dealt. 

Who Bets First After the Flop in Poker?

Whoever is in the earliest position at the table bets first after the flop in poker. This is the position to the direct left of the dealer button (i.e. small blind if he has not already folded preflop). Action then proceeds in a clockwise direction around the table ending with the button who acts last.

How do I Read my Hand on the Flop in Poker?

Our hand on the flop is created by using a combination of our hole cards and the three cards on the flop. Since poker hands are always created with exactly 5 cards, this means that in Hold’em we’ll use all of the available cards on the flop to create a hand. In Omaha, we use exactly two of our hole cards along with the three flop cards to make our hand. 

Is there a Flop in Other Poker Variants?

Only community card games such as Hold’em and Omaha have a flop. Different poker variants have different names for the streets. For example, the second betting round in stud games is known as ‘fourth street’.

Final Thoughts

Since the flop is the only street where three cards are dealt, it represents the biggest shift in available information relative to the previous street. It’s usually at this point that good players will make a rough plan for how they expect the rest of the hand to play out. Any time we continue past the flop, we should have at least a basic idea regarding how we will play on the variety of different turn cards that might fall. Check out this article for tips on playing postflop in poker.

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