What is Hole cards?

Hole cards → 1.  Hole cards are cards which are only visible and useable by the player.

Example usage → “In Hold’em we get dealt 2 hole cards while in Omaha we get dealt 4”


Hole cards are private cards which are only viewable and usable by the player. These hole cards are typically used in conjunction with community cards (cards visible and usable by everyone) in order to construct a 5-card hand. 

In seven card stud, down-cards (cards only visible to the player) are often referred to as hole cards. “High spade in the hole wins half the pot!”

Strategy Application 

If playing live, we should always remember to keep our hole cards secret. When checking cards we  should do so at an angle that avoids exposing their values to other players at the table. 

Some players like to place a “card protector” over their hole cards to avoid the dealer incorrectly mucking the hand before they have legitimately made the decision to fold. 

See Also 

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