Explanation of Hold’em

Before understanding the flow of action in the poker variant Hold’em, it might be a good idea to learn about the different hand strengths by checking out the glossary entry under hand rankings.

Before the first betting round begins, each player is dealt 2 cards face down known as hole cards. These cards will be used in conjunction with community cards to make a 5-card hand.

Before any betting actions begin, forced payments referred to as the small-blind and big-blind are placed into the pot (along with any antes if this is an ante game). The first betting round proceeds in a clockwise direction in accordance with each player’s position at the table. Players make bets or raises in line with the legal options discussed in the glossary entry under action.

Once the first betting round is complete (referred to as the preflop betting round), players proceed to the postflop phase of the action. Three community cards are dealt, referred to as the flop. Another betting round proceeds followed by another community card referred to as the turn card. One final community card is dealt (referred to as the river), followed by a final betting round. 

Players then reach showdown, the point in the game where players reveal the strength of their hole cards. The strongest hand wins the pot i.e. all of the chips wagered in that one hand.

Example of Hold’em being used in a sentence -> Although Pot Limit Omaha is increasing in popularity, No Limit Hold’em still remains the number one game of choice for the average player.

How to Use Hold’em as Part of Your Poker Strategy

Here are some general tips for playing No Limit Hold’em -

- Although garbage hands can improve to strong holdings, it still makes sense to start out with a tight range of hands preflop.

- Being “in position” (acting last on every street) is a valuable advantage. We should be careful not to overplay hands while out of position.

- We should familiarize ourselves with some of the basic maths that surrounds poker. See glossary entries under pot odds, implied odds, equity, EV calculations, outs, expectation.

- The importance of a patient attitude and a strong mental disposition cannot be over-emphasized. See the glossary entry under mindset.

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