Explanation of Jackpot

Jackpot in a poker context usually applies to triggering a bad beat jackpot. In most casinos, qualifying for the jackpot involves getting our quads beat by a higher quads (when using a pocket pair).

Example of Jackpot used in a sentence -> Our quad Nines lost to the rivered quad Kings, triggering the bad beat jackpot.

How to Use Jackpot as Part of Your Poker Strategy

The bad beat jackpot does not have a large impact on our strategic approach. For especially large jackpots the expectation of slow playing quads across flop and turn may increase; in the hope that our opponent catches a lucky runner-runner quads as opposed to simply folding the flop.

Note that tables which offer a bad beat jackpot often charge larger amounts of rake. A subset of the rake goes towards building the prizepool for the bad beat jackpot. Most professionals hence prefer tables that do not offer a bad beat jackpot since the cost of playing is cheaper in the short term.

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