Explanation of Monotone

In Hold’em and Omaha players use the following expressions to describe different types of board textures.

Rainbow – Indicates that every card on the flop is of a different suit.
(Can also be used to describe the turn.)

Two-tone – Indicates that two of the cards on the flop are of the same suit. 
(Can also be used to describe the turn.)

Monotone – Indicates that all of the cards on the flop are of the same suit.
(Can also be used to describe the turn.)

Ragged – Opposite of “connected”. Implies there is little to no co-ordination between the cards on the board.  “Rag” is also the term in poker used to describe a low uncoordinated card.

Dry – Similar to ragged. Indicates that there is little in the way of flush or straight connectivity.

Drawy – Indicates that there are a large amount of possible straight draws of flush draws available on the board. 

Paired – Indicates that there is a pair on the board

Example of Monotone used in a sentence -> We saw a flop, it was King-high monotone.

How to Use Monotone as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

Monotone board textures mean that any player still involved in the hand may have directly flopped the flush. Caution should hence be exercised regarding stack off ranges. A common leak amongst Hold’em cash players is stacking off too aggressively on monotone textures. Even otherwise strong holdings such as two-pair and overpairs drop in value significantly on such textures. Being able to accurately gauge the relative strength of our holdings on monotone textures is hence an important skill in Hold’em.

While many players imagine monotone textures to be the most drawy, they are often less dynamic than two-tone textures. Since they flush draw may already have completed on monotone textures, they often function more like dry boards than drawy boards. 

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