Explanation of Muck

The rules for when a play is forced to showdown his holding may vary from casino to casino. 

Some casinos have a rule where a player only needs to show his holding at showdown if he is the last preflop aggressor. If he is the caller and sees that he is beaten by his opponent’s hand, he is allowed to “muck” his holding, i.e. concede the pot without revealing his hole-card information. Of course, if he has the best hand and wants to take down the pot, he will need to turn over his hole-cards to prove that he has the best hand.

Even in casinos where players are allowed to muck the losing hand, there is sometimes a ruling where the aggressor can request that the caller turn over his hole-cards.

Example of Muck being used in a sentence -> Villain thought for a while after seeing our hand at showdown then mucked his cards.

How to Use Muck as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

Just because a casino allows for us requesting to see the values of villain’s mucked cards doesn’t mean its necessarily the best option. The information might prove useful, but it’s generally considered bad etiquette to repeatedly ask to see the value of mucked holdings. Discretion is hence advised.

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