Explanation of Nosebleed

The terms used for poker stake levels are a little loose and vary depending on who we ask. They are as follows -

Nano stakes
Micro stakes
Small stakes
Mid stakes
High stakes
Nosebleed stakes

The categorisations have also shifted over the years to reflect the increasing toughness of the games. In the past, the general consensus was that “small stakes” games started at around 200nl, whereas in the modern era many players refer to stakes as low as 50nl as “small stakes”. 

With this in mind, the term nosebleed applies to the range of cash games that start somewhere around 5knl online (maybe slightly higher or lower). In the past, “nosebleeds” referred squarely to cash games 40knl or higher, but this designation has also shifted downwards over time. 
The term “nosebleed” refers to the idea that the stakes are high enough (and hence stressful enough) to give players a physical nosebleed. This is presumably in jest however, those experiencing regular nosebleeds should consult a physician.

Example of Nosebleed used in a sentence -> The nosebleed games have huge swings; make sure you have a big bankroll.

How to Use Nosebleed as Part of Your Poker Strategy

There is no sweeping difference in correct strategy when playing nosebleed games. The key difference is that our opponents will be a lot tougher on average than those we might find at the lower stakes.

As such, professional nosebleed players usually take pains to select their target games carefully. In many cases, games may not even run until a suspected weaker player sits down at the table. Professional players may also look to target more exotic variants of poker in the hope of finding softer games. No Limit Hold’em will always present the toughest possible challenge due to the higher skill level of No Limit Hold’em players on average. 

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