Explanation of Pocket Rockets

It’s common in poker for players to assign various nicknames to different types of poker hand. In fact, there are practically endless nicknames, some more common than others. The most common nickname for pocket Aces preflop in Hold’em is “pocket rockets”.

Aces are also frequently called -

American Airlines

But there are a range of other nicknames for Aces, certainly over 20.

Example of Pocket Rockets used in a sentence -> We looked down at our preflop cards and saw the pocket rockets

How to Use Pocket Rockets as Part of Your Poker Strategy

Pocket Aces is the best possible starting hand in No Limit Hold’em. When given the opportunity we should always be happy to get our entire stack in preflop with Aces when playing a cash game. 

Knowing the various nicknames for pocket Aces is presumably not a prerequisite to becoming a winning player, but we might sometimes feel ourselves left out of a poker conversation if we don’t know the more common nicknames. 

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