Explanation of Raise

Raising occurs when a wager has been made before us on the current street and we wish to increase the size of this wager. For example, perhaps one of our opponents makes a bet of $50 and we raise the size of the bet to $100. The initial bettor must at the very least call an additional $50 if he wishes to continue in the hand. His other options are to fold or re-raise.

Example of Raise used in a sentence -> Our opponent fired a continuation bet on the flop and we put in the raise.

How to Use Raise as Part of Your Poker Strategy

Raising is naturally an important option when we wish to get more chips into the pot. We’ll generally do this in the following circumstances -

a) We have a strong made hand and are looking to extract value (getting our opponent to call with worse holdings).

b) We have a bluff, semi-bluff or vulnerable made hand and are hoping to generate some fold-equity with our raise.

Raising is an important strategic tool in poker. Although not all aggressive players are winners, the majority of winners are aggressive and capable of making well timed raises.

See Also 

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