Explanation of Runner Runner

TcThe term “runner runner” is used to describe a scenario where someone makes a big hand after catching running (consecutive) cards on the turn and river. For example, in Hold’em

Board: T♣5♦2♦

Hand: Q♥J♥

Turn: K♠
River: A♠

In this example we just hold two overcards on the flop, but we catch running cards on the turn and river to make our straight.

Example of Runner Runner used in a sentence -> The term ‘backdoor equity’ implies we have the possibility to make either a runner runner flush or a runner runner straight.

How to Use Runner Runner as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

We have no control over whether villain will catch runner runner to outdraw us, but we do know that it will happen some percentage of the time. Coming to peace with the idea that we will occasionally lose as a result of extremely unlikely suckouts can be good for our mindset.

Inexperienced players, especially live poker players, may even question whether the game is rigged after losing against runner runner for the first time.

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