What is Sizing?

Sizing → 1.  Sizing refers to the size of a bet, whether in absolute terms or expressed as a percentage.

Example usage → “His standard bet sizing in that scenario is half-pot”

Explanation of Sizing

While bet sizing can be described using absolute terms, it is mostly commonly described  proportional to what’s already in the middle.

Percentages are used when precise values are required i.e 75% pot, 66% pot etc

For the most part players are quite judicious with rounding and will use terms such as “half-pot” or “two-thirds-pot” to give a rough approximation of the size of the bet relative to what’s in the middle.

Example of Sizing used in a sentence -> Any bet sizing larger than the current size of the pot is referred to as an overbet.

How to Use Sizing as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

Bet sizing is generally considered to be one of the hardest areas of poker to master. It is also extremely important, especially when playing with No Limit betting structures where overbet sizings can be considered. 

Many players fall into the habit of always betting the same sizing (commonly 66% pot), whereas expert players utilize a range of different sizings in an attempt to maximize their expectation.

See Also 

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