Explanation of Bet 

Although a bet is technically “any wager made at the table”, the action is given a different name depending on the previous action.

If our opponent makes a bet before us on the current street, we have the option to raise or call. Although either option is technically a type of bet, they are never referred to as bets. They will either be referred to as a raise or a call depending on the option we choose (we can also fold).

Example of Bet used in a sentence -> The action was checked around to us and we decided to bet

How to Use Bet as Part of Your Poker Strategy

Betting is a hugely important part of poker. It’s generally considered that there are three main reasons for betting.

1. For value.
2. As a bluff/semi-bluff.
3 For protection.

Good players will take the time to analyse each of these areas in more depth. A good start will be to check out the respective glossary pages.

See Also

Actions, Value-Bet, Bluff, Semi-bluff, Fold, Call, Raise, Protection

Understanding the flow of action is hugely important in poker. In fact, we can’t player poker properly without it. For a full breakdown of all of the legal actions in a hand of poker, check out the glossary entry on Actions.

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