Explanation of Steel Wheel

It’s common in poker to use nicknames to describe different types of poker hands. The nickname for the Ace to Five straight flush is the “steel wheel”. 

Example of Steel Wheel being used in a sentence -> There was pretty much no way we could ever lose the hand after flopping the steel wheel.

How to Use Steel Wheel as Part of Your Poker Strategy

The steel wheel has a very high chance of being the best hand in almost every poker variant. This is because it is a type of straight flush and happens to be one of the hardest hands to make.

It is also the nut low hand in split pot variants such as Omaha hi/lo, Stud hi/lo and the nuts in Razz. 

Knowing nicknames such as “steel wheel” is not especially important, but we might find ourselves feeling left out of a poker discussion if we don’t know the term. 

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