Explanation of Wheel

It’s common to use a range of colloquial terms to describe different types of poker hand. The Ace to Five straight is commonly referred to as the wheel.

Example of Wheel used in a sentence -> The wheel is the nuts in the lowball game Razz but a very weak hand in the lowball game 2-7 triple draw.

How to Use Wheel as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

The Ace to Five straight is a strong hand in the majority of poker variants, but by no means invincible. Its strength will often be determined by the likelihood that one of our other opponents has made an even stronger hand. For example, the wheel will be less strong in Hold’em if the board is paired. In Stud, the wheel will be stronger if our opponents’ boards are not co-ordinated.

In certain variants such as Stud hi/lo and Omaha hi/lo, the wheel is the nut low hand. 

Knowing nicknames such as “the wheel” is not especially important, but we might find ourselves feeling left out of a poker discussion if we don’t know the term.

See Also 

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