Explanation of Upswing

An upswing is the opposite of a downswing. While downswings describe periods of sustained losses, upswings describe the opposite. 

The term “upswing” not only implies sustained winnings but above average amounts of profit. The implication is that we are running mathematically better than we should over a period of time. I.e. a steady consistent winner is not necessarily on an “upswing”, but if on a given week he makes significantly more than average it can then be described as an “upswing”.

Example of Upswing used in a sentence -> I went on a huge upswing last night, up 15 buyins in 3,000 hands.

How to Use Upswing as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

The basic strategy advice is to enjoy the ride and not let it affect mindset. The mindset issues caused by upswings fall into two main categories -

1. Overconfidence. Playing poorly or overly long sessions as a result.

2. Lack of motivation to play. Fear of losing back the profits. Wanting to “book a win”.

Most players gravitate one way or the other, but ideally an upswing won’t affect our mindset at all.

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