The abbreviation ‘bb’ refers to big blinds which is the standard way of measuring stack sizes and bet sizes in poker. It’s fairly typical for a poker player to buy into a cash game with 100bb (one hundred big blinds). In a $1/$2 poker game (the big blind is $2) a 100bb buy-in would be $200.

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What is the Difference Between bb and BB in poker?

A lower case bb refers exclusively to big blinds in poker. An upper case BB may refer either to big bets or the big blind position at the poker table. It’s therefore correct to write ‘I have 100bb in my stack’ not ‘I have 100BB in my stack’. It’s also correct to write ‘I am in the BB’ not ‘I am in the bb’. Less experienced players may use the capitalization incorrectly; the context usually makes the meaning clear however.

What is the Difference Between Big Blinds and Big Bets in Poker?

Big Bet is a term that applies exclusively to fixed limit games to refer to the larger bet-sizing increment that is used on the later betting rounds. The big bet is often twice the size of the big blind. The big blind is the larger value referenced in the stake description. For example, in a $1/$2 cash game, the small blind is $1 and the big blind is $2.

What Does it Mean When a Player Has 100bb in Their Stack?

It means that they have 100 x the big blind amount. In a $1/$2 game the big blind value is $2, so a player with 100b would be sitting with $200.

What Does a Poker Winrate in bb/100 Mean?

Big blinds per 100 hands or bb/100 is the standard metric for measuring winrate in poker. If a player has a winrate of 10bb/100 hands it means that he makes (on average) 10 big blinds for every 100 hands he plays.

How Many Big Blinds Do I Need to Be Considered ‘Deep Stacked’?

It all depends on context. In online cash games a deep stack is anything above 100bb. In live cash games it might be anything above 200bb. In turbo tournaments where the starting stacks are small even a 50bb stack could be considered deep.

Summary of ‘bb’ in poker

The abbreviation for big blinds in poker is bb. It is used extremely commonly in poker conversations so not knowing this term could be problematic. It’s important not to get the abbreviation mixed up with its closely related cousin BB which stands either for ‘big bets’ or the big blind position at the poker table.

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