Explanation of Big-bet

In fixed-limit formats the big-bet can’t be used at any time. It can only be used where the rules allow for it. In fixed-limit Hold’em and Omaha, betting occurs in increments of the big-bet on the turn and river only. In Stud games, the big-bet is used on fifth, sixth and seventh street only. The exception is when a player pairs his door card on fourth street and is then given the option to use the big-bet sizing.

Big-bets should not be confused with big-blinds. Winrates are usually expressed in big-blinds e.g 10bb/100. (10 big-blinds per 100 hands). Big-blinds are usually represented by a lower case “bb” while big-bets are represented by “BB” in capital letters.

Example of Bet used in a sentence -> In fixed limit Stud, players may only use the larger big-bet sizing on fourth street if one of the player at the table has paired upcards.

See Also 

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