Explanation of Brick

A brick is a low card that does not connect with anything.

For example, in Hold’em -

Board: 7d8dAcKc
River: 2s

We see that on the turn there are quite a number of possible straight draws and flush draws. The river is a “total brick” however since it doesn’t complete a single one of the available draws. The term brick is often used interchangeably with “blank” in this context.

The term “to brick” is also used as a verb to describe any draw that misses, regardless of the variant. For example, we have a flush draw on Sixth street in Stud which misses on the river. We can say that “our flush draw has bricked”.

Example of Brick used in a sentence -> We had a flush-draw on the turn but it bricked on the river.

How to Use Brick as Part of Your Poker Strategy

Playing on non-brick rivers in community card games will typically be different to playing on brick rivers.

For example, our opponents’ bluffing frequencies may often be higher on drawy textures where everything bricks as opposed to drawy textures where everything hits. Their folding frequencies might vary also when we are playing as the aggressor.

Such adjustment to strategy based on textural analysis is generally a high level concept. The finer details are not a pre-requisite for becoming a winning poker player in most cases.

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