Explanation of Busted

Example of Busted used in a sentence -> We had a higher chip count earlier in the tournament but still managed to bust out before reaching the bubble.

How to Use Busted as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

Finding the best play on the river in variants such as Hold’em and Omaha may often depend on how many busted draws are possible in either player’s range. This can be deduced by looking closely at the board texture: some textures have many more busted draws than others.

On textures where there are a large number of busted draws, having even a small amount of showdown-value can be valuable – there is the possibility to win the pot when our opponent shows a busted draw. In situations where the river completes a large number of draws, marginal showdown hands loose much of their value. It becomes more likely that our opponent has completed his draw, or at the very least holds a pair. 

Look at the following board texture along with two possible river cards. River 1 leaves virtually zero busted draws, while river 2 leaves a significant number of busted draws.

Board: J942

River 1: T
River 2: 2

It’s true that our opponent won’t always have a straight or flush on river one, but even the draws that don’t make a straight or flush on the river usually pick up at least a pair of Tens. An ace-high type holding is hence significantly more likely to win on River 2 as opposed to River 1.

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