Explanation of Cold Deck

The expression cold deck is used when a player is catching a bad run of cards. It primarily refers to getting unlucky with the cards dealt. It could apply to unplayable starting hands or itbeing sucked out on in big pots. 

The expression cold deck may sometimes also refer to a deck of cards that has been purposefully rigged to a cheat a player of his chips. 

Example of Cold Deck used in a sentence-> The session started out great. But for the last hour or so we were catching a completely cold deck. 

Cold Deck Poker Strategy

It’s worth keeping in mind that variance is a huge part of the game of poker. It’s extremely common to go on prolonged periods of being dealt bad cards and getting sucked out on continuously. 

There is not much we can do to change the cards we receive. But we do have a measure of control over how we respond to the cold deck.Players with a healthy mindset will continue to play their “A Game” even while repeatedly losing. Players with a weaker mental disposition will become frustrated or “tilted” as a result of the bad run. They may potentially make bad decisions resulting in even further losses. 

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