Explanation of Connector

In Hold’em a connector is a preflop holding where both cards are in consecutive rank order, for example, 78 or TJ. 

Connectors can be suited or unsuited.

While holdings such as 68 or T7 may sometimes be referred to as connectors they are more frequently referred to as “gappers”. More specifically they might be referred to as “one-gappers” or “two-gappers” (depending on the distance between the ranks of each card).

Connectors exist in other variants of poker also. In Omaha it is possible to have a connector involving four-cards i.e T987 although these are more frequently referred to as “rundowns”.

On third-street in stud we might be dealt connectors such as the (89)T or the (49)T which we can refer to as “three-straights” or “two-straights” respectively.

Example of Connector used in a sentence -> In Hold’em connectors are strongest when they are suited. 

How to Use Connector as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

In all variants of poker, connected hands are considered “speculative”. They lack raw equity yet still possess the ability to make a strong made hand (such as a straight). Due to the outside chance of hitting big, these hands often prefer one of the following -

1) Reasonable stack depth (good implied odds)
2) Multiway action (cheaper price to enter the pot and bigger chance of a payout when hitting)

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