Explanation of Fifth Street

Fifth Streetis the name given to the third betting round (or street) in Stud variants of poker. We call it fifth instead of third because the betting rounds centre on the number of cards each player holds. 

We refer to the first betting round in Stud as Third Street. On this street, players receive three cards (two downcards and one upcard). Players then receive one upcard on Fourth Street and another on Fifth Street for a total of five cards. 

Example of Fifth Street used in a sentence -> We picked up our fullhouse on Fifth Street.

Fifth Street Poker Strategy

Fifth Street is the first betting round in fixed-limit Stud. On this street, players make use of the big-bet sizing as opposed to the small bet. 

It’s also the first street in the game where players have enough cards to hold a full 5-card poker hand. 

In all Stud formats, the relative strength of our hand will depend mainly on the quality of our opponents’ upcards. If our hand is relatively strong on Fifth Street, we shouldutilise the big-bet sizing and build a pot. Avoiding slow-playing is crucial in fixed-limit games. We only get so many opportunities to build a pot.

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