Explanation of Run

The term “run” is typically related to the way the cards fall over a period of time. “A good run” means to have favourable cards over a period of time while “a bad run” means to have non-favourable cards over a period of time. The expressions “running good” and “running bad” are also commonly used amongst poker players.

The term “a deep run” applies specifically to tournaments and implies that a player has lasted a long period of time without busting out, perhaps even making the prize-pool or final table. 

The term run can also be used to described cards of consecutive rank such as 8,9,T,J. Such starting hands in Omaha are referred to as “run-downs”. 

The term “run it twice” is used to describe a scenario where two sets of community cards are dealt when players are all-in. Each set of community cards is worth half the pot.

The term “runout” is used to describe the remainder of the cards that are dealt. For example, “We got all of our money in on the flop and hoped for a good runout”.

Example of Run being used in a sentence -> I went to Vegas with only $50 in my pocket but went on an epic run to win over $10,000.

How to Use Run as Part of Your Poker Strategy

For related information check out the glossary entries under Run it Twice and Rundown

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