Explanation of Sick

The term “sick” is not primarily a poker term. It’s rather, a popular colloquial term, the usage of which spreads far outside of poker.

One urban dictionary definition -

An adjective similar to cool referring to something that is either great or completely wrong.

As we can see here the term sick can be used with both a positive and negative connotation. The meaning will depend heavily on context. In either case, the term is usually used to describe something which falls outside the spectrum of standard results/events.

Example of Sick used in a sentence -> I played for several hours last night and went on a really sick downswing.

How to Use Sick as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

There is no real need to understand the colloquial term “sick”. As discussed, it is not primarily a poker term. However, not knowing this term (it’s primarily used amongst the younger generation) could potentially feel us leaving left out of a poker conversation that we are not following. 

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