The term 'snap call' in poker means to call immediately without any form of hesitation. The term can also be used for other actions for example snap shove, snap fold etc.

The name ‘SNAP Poker’ is a little different and  refers to 888poker’s fast-format cash game. 

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What is a Snap Action in Poker?

The term ‘snap’ can precede any poker action to indicate that the action was taken immediately without any form of hesitation. For example, if our opponent calls our bet instantly it is referred to as a snap call. If he immediately shoves all-in it is referred to as a snap shove etc.

What Does it Mean When My Opponent Snap Calls?

When villain snap calls it often just means that he has a very strong holding meaning that the decision to call is easy (and there is perhaps no option to re-raise). This is not the only reason why a player might snap call. Snap calls are sometimes associated with tilted play. Perhaps the caller doesn’t have a super strong hand (perhaps just a bluffcatcher) but due to frustration he is calling without really thinking through the situation carefully.

What Does it Mean When My Opponent Snap Folds?

When villain snap folds it generally means that the fold was a very easy decision and there isn’t really much to think about. Having said this, constant fast actions from a specific player may indicate that they are not thinking deeply about the best play in each spot. 

What Does It Mean When My Opponent Snap Shoves?

The meaning can vary depending on the opponent. One meaning could be that the shove was pre-meditated which is sometimes an indication of strength. On the other hand, fast actions can sometimes mean that the player has not thought deeply about his decision or is tilted (playing poker while angry or frustrated) which is more of an indication of weakness. We’ll be much better at interpreting snap shoves when we know more about our individual opponents. 

What is SNAP Poker?

SNAP poker refers to 888poker’s fast-format poker cash game. The idea behind fast-format is that players are moved to a new table as soon as they fold. This means there is no need to wait for a hand to finish before being dealt fresh cards. While a player at a traditional online table might get dealt 60 hands in an hour, SNAP players can get dealt upwards of 200 hands per hour at a single table. 

Summary of ‘Snap Call’

The term ‘snap call’ simply means to call without any form of hesitation. The term ‘snap’ can be appended to any poker action to indicate that the action takes place immediately for example snap call, snap fold, snap shove. The exact meaning of snap decisions will depend on the player in question and their tendencies. The better we know our opponents the more accurately we can interpret their snap decisions.

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