Explanation of Stand Pat

In draw games such as 5-card draw and 2-7 triple draw players are given the option to replace cards in their hand with cards from the deck at set intervals.

If a player is happy with their current hand and don’t wish to draw additional cards they have the option to stand pat.

Example of Stand Pat used in a sentence -> We already had a made straight leaving us with no real option but to stand pat.

How to Use Stand Pat as Part of Your Poker Strategy

The amount of cards our opponent decides to draw, including the option to stand pat, gives indication regarding the type of hand that they might hold.

Standing pat indicates a very strong hand. It implies that all of the cards a player holds co-ordinate well to create a hand. If this was not the case, then usually the player would elect to replace some of the cards in his hand by drawing additional cards from the deck.

Since standing pat represents so much strength, players may occasionally stand pat without a made hand having the intention of running a bluff. Many players never do this, so they can be given a lot of credit when they elect to stand pat. Players who use standing pat as a creative bluff line should be taken note of, since we’ll have to play a wider range of holdings against them when they stand pat.

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