Explanation of Tie

In scenarios where two players have the same hand, we typically look to the kickers in order to establish the winner.

However, sometimes players legitimately have the same hand, including identical kickers. In such scenarios the hand is deemed a tie and pot is divided up evenly. While most ties occur between two players, it is possible for three or more players to tie for a single pot. 

Commonly used alternative words for tie include “split” and “chop”.

Example of Tie used in a sentence -> The Hold’em board read TJQKA, so all players involved tied resulting in a split pot.

How to Use Tie as Part of Your Poker Strategy

Certain types of board texture make a tie more likely. For example, imagine the following board in hold’em.


Since the effective nuts is already on the board, all players involved in this hand are guaranteed to tie for the pot.

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