Explanation of Kicker

In the vast majority of poker variants, poker hands must be made utilizing exactly five cards. For example, in the case of making a pair, we also need to use three kickers to complete the final hand. In situations where two players tie for the made hand component of a holding, the kickers are used to determine the winner.

Some made hands such as straights, flushes and full-houses, naturally use all five cards and leave no room for kickers. Any holding which uses less than 5-cards (such as three of a kind, two-pair and quads) must make use of an appropriate number of kickers to complete the full strength of the holding.

Example of Kicker used in a sentence -> We had three of a kind Queens with Ace and Jack kickers.

How to Use Kicker as Part of Your Poker Strategy

Being “outkicked” describes a situation where we make the “same” hand as our opponent but only lose as a result of kickers.

Sometimes being outkicked is simply bad luck, while on other occasions we should potentially have been able to get away from our dominated holding.

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