Whether it’s an upcoming holiday, birthday, or just a way to show you care, a nice gift for a poker player can undoubtedly lift spirits. 

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Whatever the budget, there's something available that will please that special player in your life.

If you’re looking to bring a smile to someone’s face, here’s a look at 10 great poker gifts to consider:

1 – Poker Table

BBO Poker Aces Pro Folding Poker Table
Price: $998

Poker Table

This top-notch poker table allows players to take those home games to the next level. BBO is one of the top table manufacturers in the industry and produces some fantastic tables. The Aces Pro splits the difference between super high-end and lower-cost alternatives.

Look for plenty of excellent features from this table: 

  • Stainless steel cup holders
  • Quality folding legs
  • Wide rails
  • Cut-out dealer seat slot. 

The table is also 96 inches long, allowing for some fun bigger games and plenty of legroom.
The table can be set up and broken down quickly for easy portability and helps make for a great night of poker. 

Give this poker gift to a friend and see their poker face disappear. Just make sure you’re on the list for the next poker night using the Aces Pro.

2 – Laptop

MacBook Pro
Price: $2,399

Macbook Pro

If your friend or spouse is a bit of an online player, some computing power can help on the virtual tables. When the budget isn’t a concern for your poker buddy, why not go big?

This 16-inch machine comes with plenty of bells and whistles. The MacBook Pro includes the largest Retina display in a Mac notebook for brilliant colours. 

The 64 gigabytes of DDR4 memory (4.3 times faster than 16 gigabytes) makes this MacBook a speed demon. Your poker player will be thrilled by the mind-blowing video and graphics, interactive shortcuts touch bar, and much more.

No one would be disappointed with this gift. That poker pal may not be a great poker player but will at least have a great laptop.

3 – Poker Chips

Prohibition Poker Chip Set
Price: $20

Poker Chips

Your friend’s poker room may not be a speak easy. But this chip set by Brybelly Blind Tiger brings a bit of the underground to that home game. 

These chips come in six denominations featuring famous underworld gangsters– 

  • Meyer Lansky
  • Lucky Luciano
  • Al Capone

The mugshot serial numbers on each chip add a nice touch and feature some unique colours as well. And fittingly for a mob-inspired chip set, these collectables come with a cool moonshine tin case. Two stylish sets of playing cards are an attractive bonus.

Give this poker gift, and your friend can channel that inner Michael Corleone for some killer poker – minus the murder and mayhem. 

4 – Deck of Cards

Collectible Badges Pharo Cards
Price: $14

Deck of Cards

Is that player in your life interested in poker history and memorabilia? This deck of cards will bring your poker-playing friend a real sense of the Old West. But this isn’t a box of poker cards, per se.

This product is a historical reproduction of a Pharo (or Faro) deck and was a bit of a precursor to poker. Pharo was in many Old West saloons right alongside games like stud poker. Like early decks of poker cards, these only feature suits without numbers.

Pharo dates back to the 17th Century. It was the most popular gambling game in the United States at times during the 1800s. This deck offers some excellent artwork and a real sense of poker and gambling antiquity. 

That next poker game or tournament may become a bit of show and tell with this poker gift.

5 – Poker Training

PokerCoaching.com Membership
Price: Standard Membership, $39 per month; Premium Membership, $99 per month

Poker Training
If that player in your life is relatively new to the game, then a practical poker gift might be perfect. There are many books, strategy sites, videos, and coaching opportunities available for players of all levels.

A membership at PokerCoaching.com might be an appealing option. Two-time World Poker Tour champion Jonathan Little founded the site. It boasts an impressive line-up of coaches, including Faraz Jaka, Jonathan Jaffe, and other big-name poker pros.

From basic fundamentals to advanced techniques, PokerCoaching.com has plenty to offer.

  • In-depth opportunities for growth through instruction
  • Coaching
  • Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Charts
  • Tools, and more

For those with limited funds, even a free membership for your friend offers some excellent value. Helping a player get better makes a perfect gift for any player.

6 – Artwork

ULOVEH Retro Cards Signs
Price: $35.99

Poker Artwork
Add some vintage coolness to that friend’s poker pad with these wooden signs. These works of art will have your card-playing crew thinking of old Vegas

The distressed feel of that Ace, King, or Queen (or better yet, all three), makes a big impression when those cards hit the air.

A poker room’s decor is essential for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. The Dogs Playing Poker may be pleasant. But these pieces of art offer something a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

The size of these playing cards adds to the ambience of any card room. Your rounder relative or friend won’t be disappointed with this sharp poker gift. 

Light a cigar, sip a cocktail and enjoy time with friends – playing poker or simply relaxing.

7 – Coffee Mug

3dRose Ace of Spades Mug
Price: $13

Coffee Mug

That friend spending long hours at the table may need the occasional caffeine jolt. There are plenty of poker-related coffee mugs with graphics and humorous sayings on the market.

But this mug features an elegant but more understated look with an Ace of spades design. The image appears on both sides and is perfect for sipping some java in style.

Like in real life, the only thing better than one Ace (mug) is two. A pour of espresso in this mug means you’re serious about your game – or at least your coffee.

8 – Hoodie

KYKU Playing Card Sweatshirt
Price: $23.79 to $31.99 depending on size

What poker player doesn’t need another hoodie? A walk around any card room, and one will see plenty of hoodie-clad players mixing it up. The hoodie-wearing stereotype is pretty much true.

There are many poker-themed sweatshirts to choose to wear. But this one leaves no doubt that this guy or gal loves poker. The three-dimensional “52 Pickup” style pullover is a bit bold and brash.

It’s a perfect gift for any poker player who likes to stand out. And, in this hoodie, that special poker player will always be catching cards.

9 – Poker Reading

The Biggest Bluff (2020)
Price: $25

Poker Book
Best-selling author Maria Konnikova always had an interest in luck and how it played a role in people’s lives. That concept became something different as she began research for this book.

She had never played poker in her life. In 2016 Konnikova received some extensive poker training from poker legend Erik Seidel. A Columbia-trained psychologist, much of her work revolves around how the human mind works.

As she continued training, Konnikova went on to find some major success, including $300,000 in tournament winnings. The Biggest Bluff documents her transformation from poker newbie to poker shark

Her journey to success may inspire many poker-playing readers.

10 – Cocktails

Blue Elephant Poker Glassware Set
Price: $49.95


Break out the cocktails when the friends are over some poker felt warfare. Grab your glass and favourite bottle of bourbon with this handsome set.

This unique poker gift comes with the following – 

  • Two glasses
  • A flask
  • Tongs
  • Two coasters
  • Eight chilling stones

The stainless-steel flask and leather coasters are decorated with your favourite card game – Texas Hold’em.

The chilling stones keep a fine drink from getting watered down and are etched with playing card suits. The entire set fits in a stylish wooden box, a perfect addition to any poker room. 

Some liquid refreshment, some poker and, hopefully, some winning – a perfect night.


Poker Gift ideas

Here are a few more ideas to keep in mind. All these are ideas to consider when making that purchase.

  • Personalise it – Make your poker gift unique to that individual’s taste or preferences.
  • Keep it cool – Make sure that your poker gift is practical and something that person will enjoy.
  • Emphasise experience –Think of something that person hasn’t considered.
  • Keep it simple – On the flip side, sometimes a simple and useful gift can be great. For that poker pal who likes to host home games, even just a few decks of cards would suffice.

When that next big birthday or holiday approaches, be on the lookout for that special poker gift.

While these exact ideas may not fit the bill entirely, they give shoppers some enticing ideas. 

Sean Chaffin is a poker writer who appears in numerous websites and publications. He is also the host of the True Gambling Stories podcast